News: LondonJazz News Under Guest Editorship for International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, full editorial control of LondonJazz will be handed over to Catherine Ford, and Fran Hardcastle from Saturday until Sunday afternoon. Catherine is our new (and tremendously diligent) CD reviews commissioner whose presence has revolutionised the site; Fran is a long-time friend of LondonJazz (she took editorial control for IWD three years ago), a very successful artist manager and publicist (she manages Natalie Williams, and has previously worked with Gwilym Simcock and the Impossible Gentlemen).

Keep an eye out for thought-provoking interviews with Amina Figarova, Andrea Vicari, Amy Pearce, Jehane Markham and more; podcasts featuring Ruth Goller, Alexa Von Hirschberg, Deirdre Cartwright, Alison Rayner, and Alison Bentley; and women-focused gig and CD reviews.

Each piece relating to International Women’s Day will appear with the caption “IWD” at the beginning of the title. There will also be a link (when all pieces have been published), at the top of the site, to a page with all of our IWD pieces for reference purposes.

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