News: Bennie Maupin confirmed as guest for Ode to the Human Spirit 2014 Kings Place, 30th April, @IntlJazzDay

To celebrate UNESCO International Jazz Day (an initiative led by Herbie Hancock), the Human Revolution Orchestra – a big band formed specially for the occasion – will be playing at Kings Place on April 30th, presented by SGI-UK. The organizers have just confirmed that Bennie Maupin (much more about him here) will be a guest.

The big band features some very special guests including UK vocalists Lianne Carroll and Randolph Matthews, US pianist Marc Carey, and US composer/multi reed player Bennie Maupin. The band will play American big band classics and feature guest compositions and arrangements by Pete Long, Paul Hart, and Marc Carey, along with a set of pieces by Bennie Maupin for strings and big band, which are having their UK première.

This follows a very successful first event held by SGI-UK in Brixton last year which we previewed.

The Human Revolution Orchestra is:

Trumpets: Noel Langley, Yazz Ahmed, John Eacott, Sean Corby

Saxophones: Tony Kofi, Christian Brewer, Martin Speake, Nadim Teimoori, Dai Pritchard, Gemma Moore

Trombones: Richard Edwards, Harry Brown, Ed Rieband, Jon Enright

Piano: Simon Purcell

Bass: Larry Bartley

Drums: Rod Young and Cosimo Keita Cadore

Percussion: Neville Murray, Dave Pattman and Graeme Evelyn

Guitar: Carl Orr

SGI UK Strings

Special Guests: BennieMaupin, Marc Cary, Lianne Carroll and Randolph Matthews More information and tickets HERE

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  1. Bennie Maupin is an amazing musician. We say that a lot, probably more than we should, but in this case it's absolutely the bare minimum comment.

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