Herbie Tsoaeli on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction – and a quote from Hugh Masekela

Herbie Tsoaeli. Photo Credit: Moeti Moumakoe

Sebastian writes:

One of my musical heroes, South African bassist/ composer Herbie Tsoaeli had a track played by Fiona Talkington on Late Junction on Thursday 20th March. Fiona Talkington played a track from the SAMA-Award winning album African Time. LINK HERE. At [39:23]

Hugh Masekela has written about Herbie Tsoaeli:

“Herbıe Tsoaelı ıs a hıghly skılled vırtuoso musıcıan, extremely complementary and supportıve accompanıst,a gıfted composer and generous ensemble player. More than all of these,Herbıe ıs a pure joy to be wıth because of hıs joyous personalıty,sunny dısposıtıon, ınfectıous laugh and frıendly accessıbılıty. I love Herbıe Tsoaelı lıke a brother I never had.” Hugh Masekela

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