My ShiningHour: Vasilis Xenopoulos, Nigel Price and Trevor Tomkins

The lively, weekly, free-entry Monday night gig at the Red Lion in Isleworth, run by drummer Trevor Tomkins, is one of the cornerstone gigs of the London scene. This video was filmed earlier this week:  Monday March 24th 2014.

Here are Vasilis Xenopoulos (tenor sax), Nigel Price (guitar), Trevor Tomkins (drums), Ross Stanley (electronic piano) and Steve Watts (bass) in My Shining Hour (1943, Harold Arlen, Johny Mercer).

Solos :  

0:53 – Nigel Price
3: 54 – Vasilis Xenopoulos
7:16 – Ross Stanley
9:39 – Trevor Tomkins (just two quick choruses of fours)

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