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Stan Britt Photo Credit: Brian O’Connor. All Rights Reserved
Charles Alexander writes: Stan Britt, jazz journalist and broadcaster, and author of the definitive biography of Dexter Gordon and of countless sleeve notes for jazz albums, died on March 30th, after a lengthy illness, at the age of 78. Born in Beckenham, he was noted for his deep appreciation and understanding of jazz and for his meticulous research. After fifteen years in the editorial departments of the Daily Express and other Fleet Street papers, he left to pursue a freelance career as a jazz writer. A regular contributor on jazz and blues to Billboard, Music Week and Melody Maker, his books include The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Jazz as co-author with Brian Case (Salamander, 1978), The Jazz Guitarists (Blandford Press, 1984), Dexter Gordon: A Musical Biography (1989) and Frank Sinatra: A Celebration (Hamlyn, 1995). He also contributed a chapter called The Bebop Masters for the book Masters of Jazz edited by myself (Balafon, 1999). Stan Britt wrote over 50 sleeve notes for jazz reissue collections released by Proper Records. His archive of interviews, mainly with visiting US musicians, was recently deposited with the National Sound Archive. The funeral will take place this Friday, 11 April, 3:45pm, at Beckenham Crematorium, Elmers End Road, Beckenham BR3 4TD All friends and colleagues are welcome The nearest Overground station is Elmers End. Birbeck Tramway Stop (Croydon Tram Link towards Beckenham) is also close. With thanks for additional information to Peter Vacher.

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  2. I just started reading “Dexter Gordon” I'm 85–I grew up in L.A. and I am a bass player. I played with all the guys he mentions in his book but I never knew there backgrounds. I was getting such a kick out of his book that I wanted to thank him. I just heard about his passing and I will have tears in my eyes for the rest of the book. Don Prell

  3. it was a pleasure to meet this guy at jazzlink as I picked him up from his to take him there we chatted about jazz and he had a good sense of humour i' for one will miss him as well he got me into listening to. chris stuart

  4. I didn't know my uncle due to family issues as I was in the care system from an early age I would have loved to get to know my uncle and in the later years of his life he was a great comfort and delight to know him the man was a genius of his generation and weath of knowledge and information I am influenced by him and what he has achieved in his lifetime I wish I could have spent more time to get to know him

  5. To all those interested. It is hoped that in February 2022 the British Library will enable The STAN BRITT COLLECTION to go ‘live’ either in full or in part. The collection can currently be viewed on the Library website (or listened to at the St Pancras London site). Contained in 118 pages there are 590 individual interviews mainly with jazz musicians, all conducted in Stan’s intuitive and highly knowledgeable manner. The collection has a total of 2349 individual titles and includes items of music and other items of interest to Stan .I know many of you will delight in the ability to freely hear you favourite musical artist in conversation with an interviewer who knows as much about their music as they. Library Ref:C1645. Enjoy!!! Robin Britt.

  6. Due to under explained problems the British Library Sound Archive has to date (19-02-2023) failed to achieve it’s ‘live’ prediction for the STAN BRITT COLLECTION or a further one for May 2022. The latest and not precise prediction is “early 2023”. Regrettable I am of the view that this prediction will as those previously made fail to materialise. So it is literally anyone’s guess when the world will be able to enjoy my late brother Stan’s legacy. Sorry Stan. Robin Britt.

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