Anthony Steinberg writes about his forthcoming jazz show on Soho Radio

Anthony Steinberg writes:

As Tony Stone, I will be presenting a weekly Jazz programme on soon to launch Soho Radio (website not yet active) which will be a community-based station for Soho with studios on Great Windmill St., broadcasting on its website & via Tune.

My programme “JazzTime”, will be on air every Sunday evening 18.00-20.00 with various further repeats throughout the week alongside a listen again facility.

I am looking for guests to come on the programme in any of my three weekly sub shows:

– First half hour is going to be ‘JazzTime On’… where a differnt guest each week talks about a aspect of Jazz that they are passionate about, have a good knowlage of & would like to bring to the attention of a wider audience & can pay a tribute to not only in words but through examples in music.

– Second show is ‘JazzTime Treasured Tracks’ a Desert Island Discs for Jazz where a guest brings in there favourite 10 Jazz albums, & we play a track from as many as we can.

– The last half hour will be ‘JazzTime Session Sampler’. Involved in a gig at a Soho Jazz venue? Let me invite you to give us a sample of what your upcoming Jazz gig is all about.

People interested in participating should email Anthony.
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