Preview/ Interview: Hiromi – The Trio Project. Cadogan Hall. April 13th-15th 2014

Ahead of Japanese pianist Hiromi’s only London dates this year – three evenings at Cadogan Hall, April 13th, 14th and 15 – BOOKINGS HERE –  Sebastian interviewed her by email:

LondonJazz: You were born in Shizuoka near Mount Fuji. What gave you the impulse to leave Japan and go to the US, and how old were you?

Hiromi: 20 years old, I went to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music.

LJ: Do you come from a musical family?

H No.

LJ: Your energy always seems phenomenal. Have you always been like that?

H: I was always very energetic and always curious.

LJ: Who had the biggest impact (either teacher or fellow student) among the people you got to know at Berklee?

H: Richard Evans, who introduced me to Ahmad Jamal and co-produced my first album with Ahmad.

LJ: And you now live in ….?

HNew York and Tokyo.

LJ: Where do you now think of as home?

H: Wherever I can be with my family, people count more than places.

LJ: Do you still keep a musical diary every day? What kind of things get put in it? Do you still try to compose every day? Do you compose at the piano?

H: I try to write something every day, most of the times I compose at the piano, but sometimes I compose in my head.

LJ: A decisive meeting was with Chick Corea, how did it happen?

H: I met him when I was 17, he happened to be rehearsing for his show in Tokyo in the same building that I was at.

LJ: And he’s an immense practicer / hard worker / explorer. And you have that in common, right?

H: He is very inspirational. I do like to work hard.

LJ: You thank Ahmad in the credits for ‘Move’. Is that Ahmad Jamal?

H: Ahmad Jamal has been one of the biggest inspirations in my life, he has been always very encouraging in my career, I cannot thank him enough.

LJ: Who are your gods in rock music? In fusion?

H : Frank Zappa

LJ: How long has your trio with Anthony Jackson and Simon Phillips been together?

H : Since 2010

LJ: Your arrangements are complex. Do they stay the same or evolve as you tour?

H ; It evolves every day, since we’ve played as a trio for a couple of years now, we know each other better and interact better, it is so much fun to find something new everyday with them.

LJ: Is there room for freedom / improvisation?

H: There is a lot of improvisation, we always try to find a new landscape.

LJ: Move is your 11th album and there is – I understand – a twelfth on the way? What can you say about the new album?

H : It is called ALIVE and it will be the same band, the trio project with Anthony Jackson and Simon Phillips.

As a trio, we became stronger team with playing many shows together. I wanted to write songs that deal with things and emotions that we encounter in life. The album will come out in June.

LJ: When you come to London what tunes will you be playing?

Hiromi Songs from the album VOICE and MOVE, and also from the upcoming album ALIVE.

LondonJazz: We’re looking forward to it! (pp)

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