Preview: Veryan Weston Tuning Out. 7-Date Tour of UK Churches (10th-19th May)

Veryan Weston has written in about a 7 date tour (between 10-19 May) of English churches – in Leicestershire, Liverpool, York, Newcastle, Sheffield, Brighton and London – with a new group. The project (called Tuning Out) explores different tunings, besides equal temperament, with the use of retuned string instruments, microtones, and Tracker Action Pipe Organs.

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He writes:

After the fairly substantial project that I helped put together last November – “Make”, with a Choir and visiting Canadian choir leader – Christine Duncan and various others, I’m doing something completely different which is coming up towards the end of May. It involves a tour with me playing tracker action pipe organs, Australian maverick Jon Rose on violins and Hannah Marshall on cello.

In preparation, I had to go ’round England looking at a selection of smallish tracker-action organs mostly in churches. I visited 24 in all and chose 7 to be part of a national tour. Although at the time I thought it would be a fun thing to do, it turned out to be hard work and intense. There were some beautiful venues and exquisite  gems of pipe organs and so choosing the seven was painfully difficult.”

For the dates –  between May 10th and 19th  – the venue information and tickets click HERE

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