NEWS: Zoe Schwarz nominated for British Blues Award ; launches Pledge campaign

Zoe Schwars. Photo credit: Phil Bowsell

Popular jazz/blues singer Zoe Schwarz, known for her heartfelt, yearning Billie-esque crying vocal style has just been nominated for the 2014 British Blues Awards. This is in recognition for the six-piece ‘Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion’ band. Voting is HERE

Zoe has launched a Pledge Music campaign to help Blue Commotion record their 3rd album. She writes

“Through our musical journey and compatible desire, I like to think we have developed a perfect collaboration, which, when I think about it, comes from two completely different starting points.  Because of this melting pot of musical diversity, there is a uniqueness to the band’s music which is hard to pigeon-hole.”

“As you know, we live in the age of the corporate machine, and most forms of creative, intelligent art (and in our case music) have been sidelined to the category of ‘Specialist’. This of course erodes the quality of all our lives and tries to feed us a diet of musical ‘junk food’. Don’t get us wrong, we are incredibly positive people and are enjoying the challenge of ‘getting our music out there’!  Speaking for ourselves, we have been on such a roll these last couple of years and new songs keep pouring out of us. The response to our first two albums has shown us that this band has so much potential, and in return this has really fuelled our energy and desire.


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