Joanna Wallfisch Preview / Interview – (with Dan Tepfer at 22 Mansfield Street, May 26th)

Joanna Wallfish and Dan Tepfer

We interviewed vocalist Joanna Wallfisch by email about living in New York, and about her next concert back in London at 22 Mansfield Street on May 26th:

LondonJazz News: You’ve been in New York some 20 months now, what have been the highlights?

Joanna Wallfisch: If I had to choose then I would say, touring America with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, performing Wynton’s ‘Abyssinian Mass’, performing with my band at Le Poisson Rouge, and playing at this years Sundance Film Festival.

LJN: And you’ve got to know some great musicians personally?

JW: I’m very pleased to have made great personal connections with people like Dan Tepfer, Fred Hersch, and singer-songwriters Becca Stevens and Jean Rohe.

LJN: And what about your interdisciplinary collaborations within the New York Circus scene?

JW: Well, I love exploring all performance possibilities and I’ve found myself not just swinging in the jazzsense but at times quite literally, from a trapeze.

LJN: How would you describe the opportunities New York offers?

JW: New York is a creative adventure playground! In it I found my muse. There is an openness to this city which has, in turn, presented me with a myriad of opportunities so far. These not only include meeting and working with some incredible musicians, but also the opportunity to learn. There is no hiding out here, the level of musicianship is, at times, terrifying. The work ethic daunting. The pressure crushing. But, how inspiring it is to be in this soup!

LJN: Tell us about the collaboration with DanTepfer.

JW: Dan Tepfer and I started playing together at a jam session in Brooklyn last June. Perhaps due to both having jazz and classical roots we found, quite quickly, a true musical cohesion. Singing with Dan is a real joy. As a pianist who already works a lot within the duo format, namely with saxophonists Lee Konitz and Ben Wendel, he feels not so much my musical accompaniment, but rather, my musical accomplice!

LJN: And you’re bringing him to London?

Joanna Wallfisch: I am very excited to bring our duo home to London this May. We both happen to be touring in Europe this summer – I am playing at Salisbury Festival – and I thought it a perfect opportunity to share our collaboration on home turf. Just a few days before we arrive we will be in the studio in NYC recording our first duo album, and this concert will reveal many of the songs that are to be on the record!

CONCERT DETAILS: Joanna Wallfisch and Dan Tepfer at 22 Mansfield Street, London W1G 9NR on Monday May 26th. Admission from 7pm, Concert 7 30pm. Bookings by email : boas22m (at) btinternet.com – or telephone: 020 7436 0344. Concert only £15. With drinks / canapes £25.

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