Preview by Kit Downes. MOTIF and Tricko Tareco (May 9-11)

Lucy Railton, Kit Downes

Kit Downes previews three UK dates for a double bill of MOTIF from Norway and his duo Tricko Tareco with Lucy Railton. He writes:

‘I met Norwegian bassist and composer Ole Morten Vågan through playing together in Thomas Stronen’s new project. We got on very well – with our mutual taste in comedy and the work of Django Bates – and enjoyed playing together, and afterwards swapped CDs. He gave me his new CD featuring his sextet ‘Motif’, and I gave him my recent album – and so we formed a plan to tour together in Norway and UK, introducing Motif to new audiences in the UK and my duo (with cellist Lucy Railton) to new audiences in Norway.

So the plan came together, and we have just got back from the three very enjoyable gigs in Norway (Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen) – one nice thing about touring together is getting to hear each other’s sets every night – hearing things change slightly from gig to gig, different tunes being selected for different rooms/audiences – and afterwards you really end up influencing each other (we also had a few epic long train rides across some quite empty Norwegian countryside in which to get to know each other!). Motif are a brilliant band – featuring a great mixture of Ole Morten’s brilliant compositions, wild improv and strong musical personalities.

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With this all in mind I am very excited about hosting them over here, and bringing them to Birmingham, London and Brighton.

I will also be playing with my duet Tricko Tareco with cellist Lucy Railton


9th May – CBSO Centre, Birmingham
10th May – Vortex Jazz Club, London(to be recorded for BBC Jazz on 3)
11th May – Verdict, Brighton


Atle Nymo: Sax and clarinets
Eivind Lønning: Trumpet
Håvard Wiik: Piano
Ole Morten Vågan: Bass
Håkon Mjåset Johansen: Drums




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