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  1. And our second good friend (thank you) : Jarrett came to Osaka to play. He started playing and someone in the audience made a noise that disturbed him /interrupted his concentration. He tried to several times to start again, but kept being distracted by the audience. Finally he just left. The audience then started protesting because he was the only act

  2. There are quite a few KJ records I can't listen to because of his own distracting (vocal) noises. Do as you would be done by!

  3. I think Jarrett is a great player especially his solo stuff, but I think his ego is completely out of control. No one so good that they should say things like “it is a privilege to see us perform” Or to insult the people who pay to see him play by walking off stage because there are few people who make noise. A great talent spoiled by vanity gone astray to the point of embarrassment.

  4. I'm just a Brit, but i was there. Contributing factors were
    1. The fantastic acoustics at Osaka Festival Hall, You could hear a pin drop and people who coughed found themselves playing duets with the man.
    2. The “dont look up” syndrome. What do you do if someone sternly says “don't look up'? You look up.
    3 Demographics, Oldsters predominated in the audience. People with the kind of reverence Keith craves but not the bronchial control he demands. Keith, no spring chicken himself, may find the greying of his audience hard to deal with.
    4. I dont think the person who spoke to him from the audience was a big factor. I couldnt understand what he said (I think he was Japanese) and he left pretty sharpish in one of the ïntervals” before the management turned up to turf him out..
    It's a shame it turned out that way but at least Keith wasn't phoning it in

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