Two new organ trios in London in June

What a thing of wonder the organ trio is. As Joey de Francesco says in this interview about the Hammond, also featuring a frail Jimmy Mcgriff from 2002: “It’s easier to deal with, the horn players start getting on your nerves.” Actually the best bit of the interview is where JdF finally gets to play, and demonstrates the range of sounds on the instrument at [49:00].

There are some fine ones already: Nigel Price’s, Jim Mullen’s…(any more?) But two top-notch, very different guitarists have just been in touch within the last twenty-four hours letting us know about their new organ trios:  

Giorgio Serci, (from Sardinia via Woking) has his new organ trio which will be playing at the Crypt in Camberwell on the Friday 6th of June with Ross Stanley and Enzo Zirilli.

Phil Robson, (from Derby via Margate) also has a new organ Trio with Ross Stanley and Gene Calderazzo – they’re at the Oxford in Kentish Town on June 9th.

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