Preview: Fat Face Band at the Vortex. 17th June

Fat Face Band
Left to Right: Matt Postle, Molly Jay, Troy Conn

US trumpeter Matt Postle writes about his band, Fat Face’s gig at the Vortex on the 17th June.

Playing with the Fat Face Band has been one of the most enjoyable experiences for myself since moving back to the US in late 2010 (I lived in York from 2007-2010). Both Troy Conn (guitar) and Molly Jay (tuba) are highly-regarded musicians in our region and playing with them has made me want to become a better musician. We perform at such a wide variety of venues throughout North Carolina (and surrounding states), sometimes met with a question (what, tuba, guitar, trumpet??), but in most cases the crowds love it and will speak to us about the setup and music we play. Adding to the instrumentation, our band name always gets a good laugh and people enjoy saying it. We recently performed at one of our favourite venues in Charlotte called Snug Harbor, they dedicated the afternoon to us with a “Fat Face Fish Fry” (it was part of our 8.5 hour gig marathon on 3 May).

We are all greatly excited about the opportunity to play at the Vortex in London on 17 June. I think it will be a culmination of what all the band has worked on throughout the tour and we should be really in-sync (or just tired of each other at that point!). We have had great support for this tour from the Apollo Jazz Network, Wessex Tubas (Molly’s travel tuba sponsor!), and as well friends/family throughout the United Kingdom. The Fat Face Band hopes to see you there!

Kim Macari writes:

I’m thrilled that Fat Face Band are coming over this summer. I met Matt when he was in York and he always struck me as a very serious, driven musician. He’s intensely creative and ambitious and it’s no surprise that Fat Face is bold and unusual; I’d expect nothing less. Fat Face is the type of group that it’s impossible to imagine their sound before you hear it. Bill Frisell, Kenny Wheeler, Ron Miles, Ralph Alessi…You just have to hear them.

Fat Face Band Tour Trailer HERE

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