Preview: Bitch ‘n’ Monk – Fulafalonga Album Launch at the Vortex. July 18th

Heidi Heidelberg and Mauricio Velasierra of Bitch ‘n’ Monk write about their gig at the Vortex on July 18th at 8:00pm (launching their début album Fulafalonga).

Heidi: Mauricio was this Colombian screaming through his traditional flute…

Mauricio: Heidi had this knack of compelling you to tap to the oddest time signatures and song forms…

We ended up collaborating within minutes of meeting…then we met minds over our jazz record collections. It was both a shock and a relief to find out that our heroes were Coltrane, Miles and Shorter, and we spent nights listening to Steve Coleman together. We never wanted to replicate the sounds of past masters, only to integrate that commitment, spontaneity and energy into our performances.

And thus Bitch ‘n’ Monk was born, through nocturnal free improv sessions, that became compositions – little universes and mini-dramas. We are thrilled to be releasing our début record ‘Fulafalonga‘ at Vortex – the perfect context for music that is truly adventurous. We bring distant echoes of the Andes and operatic vocals, but our sound is something more rock in temperament. At times we are enraged and at others entirely serene. Perhaps that’s what Bitch ‘n’ Monk really means. Not just feminist ‘n’ hippy.

Heidi Heidelberg – vocals, guitar and live orchestration
Mauricio Velasierra – traditional flutes and effects

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