Interview / Preview: SnowPoet at St Pancras Old Church on the 15th June

We spoke to Chris Hyson about his new project, SnowPoet and their gig at St Pancras Old Church on the 15th of June.

LondonJazz News Tell me about SnowPoet

Chris Hyson: SnowPoet came about when myself and Lauren Kinsella decided to collaborate and compose music together whist studying at the Royal Academy of Music. we had similar interests in music and shared a love for words and poetry. thought it would be great to experiment with words and take a slightly different approach to writing songs. we have since recorded some music and are going into the studio next week to work on more.

LJN: Who’s in the band?

CH: Myself (Chris Hyson) bass, Lauren Kinsella vocals, Nick Costley-White guitar, Matt Robinson piano/keyboards, Josh Arcoleo saxophone and Dave Hamblett drums.

LJN: What inspires you?

CH: Musically we are inspired by artists like Björk, Joni Mitchell, Feist, Keith Jarrett, Tom Waits, St. Vincent… many many great original artists. We also take inspiration from poets like EE Cummings, Sylvia Plath, WB Yeats, Phillip Larkin…

LJN: And what is it that attracted you to Philip Larkin?

CH: I like the melancholy in his poems. they seem dark and witty. i also love his obsession with morality, love and human solitude. I like music that connects with emotion so Larkin’s poems are great for this.

LondonJazz News: What can we expect from the gig on the 15th at St Pancras Old Church?

Chris Hyson: A lovely night, in a beautiful little church. Lots of different moods and some good original music that we’re all very proud to play.

More information HERE. Tickets HERE

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