NEWS: Jazzthetik July/August highlights UK label Leo Records at 35, plus observation on UK scene

The German magazine Jazzthetik has a feature celebrating the 35th birthday of the Devon-based label Leo Records, and an interview with founder Leo Feigin. Leo’s substantial catalogue has albums by Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, and, for example, thirty albums by Antony Braxton (see some of Alexander Hawkins picks from our feature in 2012). The article announces a new tie-up for Leo with the German regional jazz support organization NRW-Jazz, based in Gelsenkirchen.

The current issue of Jazzthetik (DETAILS) also has an interview with Seb Rochford about the new Polar Bear album, and a feature about Slowly Rolling Camera containing this thought-provoking  observation by the Berlin-based critic and academic Wolf Kampmann on the UK: “The UK scene is more short-lived than any other in Europe. The bigger the euphoria on debut, experience teaches us, the more severe the rejection of the follow-up. [This] will not be the first band to have been hyped to death….” 

Leo Records website

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