REPORT AND PHOTOS: Gareth Williams/ Trish Clowes at the Watermill Dorking

Gareth Williams, Martin France, Trish  Clowes, Calum Gourlay
Watermill, July 2014. Photo Credit: Brian O’Connor / Images of Jazz 

Gareth Williams and Trish Clowes write:

We have worked together a few times in the last year, and recently decided to make more of a formal collaboration in ‘The Glow Quartet’ – very briefly known as ‘Glue,’ for just one gig at the Watermill, where Brian O’Connor took these photographs.

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Having spent time playing and listening to music together – and recorded THIS for the BBC – the idea behind the band is to bring generations and styles of musicians/music together, playing arrangements of standards and originals from the two of us. It’s a listening band, taking risks, being interactive, taking the good stuff from both more traditional improvised music and contemporary ideas.

 Trish Clowes, Calum Gourlay (hidden). Watermill, July 2014
Photo Credit: Brian O’Connor / Images of Jazz
Gareth Williams, Trish Clowes. Watermill July 2014
Photo Credit: Brian O’Connor / Images of Jazz

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