REPORT: Alice Zawadzki Album Launch at Pizza Express

Peter Lea, Jon Scott, Alice Zawadzki, Tom McCredie Alex Roth
Pizza Express, July 2014. Photo Credit: Melody McLaren

Sebastian writes:

It was great to hear Alice Zawadzki and her band last night at the second night of the China Lane album launch. She had a full house (for both nights) and an audience mostly of young people.

I was in the company of friends who hadn’t heard her before and had no pre-conceptions of what to expect. I enjoyed their increasing sense of surprise as the sheer range of what Alice is capable of delivering in a live show became apparent.  As the evening progressed, she showed that she not just an immensely able singer with a wide range of vocal timbre, but also a songwriter AND a lyricist AND a violinist AND a pianist AND an entertainer…). The possibilities are just limitless.

Her band all have keen antennæ and take the journey with her from the æthereal, from mediæval æra Sephardic ballads through to a hit-the-floor pæan to sensuality such as Etta James/ Randy Newman You Can Keep Your Hat On, effortlessly and gleefully. (More æ’s and other ligatures here)

I first heard Alice and her band when I REVIEWED them on debut at the Green Note in April 2012. She has grown immensely in confidence and stature since then, and last night proved it. There are so many directions she can still take. Which was, is, and will remain an exciting prospect.

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