PREVIEW: Elliot Galvin Trio + The Lydian Tree at the Vortex (Monday 28th July)

Elliot Galvin’s Trio will be collaborating with Ben Corrigan’s Lydian Tree at the Vortex. Michael Underwood previews their gig on Monday 28th July:

The Chaos Collective‘s residency at the Vortex continues with a night of experimental music and visuals from the Elliot Galvin Trio (recently awarded European Jazz Artist of the Year at the Burghausen Festival).Elliot Galvin (piano), Tom McCredie (bass) and Simon Roth (drums) will join forces for this one-off performance with London-based sculptor and electronic musician, Ben Corrigan. He’ll be bringing his latest creation, the Lydian Tree, to add a twist to this already wild and quirky music. The Lydian Tree is 7 foot aluminium tree of sound and light that responds to touch. The ‘Treeo’ + the tree have been adapting their material for this unique concert that promises to be something of a treat….

Details/ tickets HERE.

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