FESTIVAL: Impressions of Brecon 2014

Singing Nun. 2014 Brecon Jazz Festival
Photo Credit:Ruth Butler

This year we have just a few impressions of the joyful vibe of the Brecon Jazz Festival. Photographer Ruth Butler took the pictures of a singing nun, of the Impériale du Kikiristan a band from Eastern France, Adamant – and the Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio. Keith Loxam’s first return since handing over the reins of Jazz Line-Up in June last year was a nostalgic one: Keith writes:

I visited Brecon in the early 2000’s when Jazz Line-Up was still very new. The BBC Big Band were appearing there with both Benny Golson and Monty Alexander on two consecutive days. I was looking forward to re visiting the town again and its Glastonbury type transformation for the weekend, It didn’t disappoint. 

Getting to the Market Hall was not easy, the band arrived by Coach and I blagged my way in with my classic original style Mini Cooper because I had urgent technical gear in the back.  

As ever the main street was a united bustle of music and entertainment, stalls, CD’s bands popping up everywhere. Now at 30 the festival has embraced social media, it has its own fringe and is the ideal place to park your recording truck and capture the established, the brand new and the up and coming. The vibe is intoxicating and so infectious. It’s good to see Brecon flourish and its good to see jazz flourish like this. 

By the way the urgent technical gear in the back of my mini was two slabs of beer for the band – Messrs Lambourne, McDowell Forgie and Whigham. May it all long continue everywhere.


Adamant. 2014 Brecon Jazz Festival
Photo Credit:Ruth Butler
l’Impériale du Kikiristan. 2014 Brecon Jazz Festival
Photo Credit:Ruth Butler
Pedro Segundo, Dennis Rollins, Ross Stanley. 2014 Brecon Jazz Festival
Photo Credit:Ruth Butler

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  1. Keith – I remember that Brecon trip very well with Monty, Benny and the BBC BB. It is also pleasing to know that there are so many new artistes taking part now, well worthy of the attention of the broadcast media and for further listening and viewing around the world. G L

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