NEWS: Shirley Smart hosts new jazz night at the Blind Bee EC3 (starts Aug 21st)

Shirley Smart

Sshh. Cellist Shirley Smart and Middle East music specialist has quietly got on and set up a discreet new jazz series, under the banner Jazz Nights at the Blind Bee. The band descriptions below are hers. It will be held at an exclusive members club (with a broad-minded well-stocked cocktail bar) near Bank Station. in the City. Entry is free but you need to either get on the bandleader’s guest list or email the address below

Upcoming dates :

August 21st – Alex Hutton
Acclaimed pianist and composer brings his lively originals to Blind Bee

September 4th – Will Butterworth
Jazz based on Oscar Wilde’s story ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ from the imaginative and original pianist

September 18th – Maurizio Minardi
Accordion-led jazz with influences from tango, rumba, classical, minimalism and penguins….another intriguing combination

October 2nd – Al Scott
Firey and virtuostic pianist whose influences include Bill Evans, Herbie Hancck, Charles Mingus and Miles Davis

October 16th – Last Summers Tealights
A unique sound combining marimba, saxophone, cello and percussion in beautiful groove-based hymnal jazz compositions

October 30th – Heidi Vogel
Acclaimed lead singer of the Cinematic Orchestra brings her Quartet.

GUEST LIST: Email : jazz (at) eightmemberclub.co.uk
FACEBOOK PAGE :https://www.facebook.com/blindbeejazz

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  1. Frankie Colclough wrote by email:

    I am pleased to report that Shirley Smart & Maurizio Minardi will be performing an eclectic programme of gypsy jazz, and music from North Africa, the Balkans and Arabia this coming Sunday at 8.00pm at The Old Ford Jazz Club followed by a Jam Session. Free entry.

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