NEWS: Keith Tippett writes about seven gigs in September

Keith Tippett solo – at Lasone in Joetsu in Japan in 2011

A uniquely present and influential figure in British music, Keith Tippett has that way of saying what just needs to be said, economically, truthfully. When he writes, it’s the same. It makes us sit up and take notice. Here’s what he’s written about his September calendar:

I am doing gigs in three very different genres this month of September, two of the three being in London.

– Sept 5/6 with the Soft Machine Legacy at the Pizza Express Dean Street…..

– Sep 11/12/13 at the Talos Festival in Ruvo di Puglia, Pino Minafra’s Orchestra playing the music of Chris McGregor, Mongezi Feza, Dudu, Johnny, Harry Miller during a celebration of Nelson Mandela. All Italian musicians except Louis Moholo-Moholo, Julie and I. Plus a solo performance…..

Sep 25 and 27 at Cafe Oto with Steve Noble and Peter Brotzmann. I haven’t played with Peter since the 80’s.

Three very different musics, I think you would agree.

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