PREVIEW: Moses Boyd’s Exodus and Parshmaune (Servant Jazz Quarters, 11th September)

Moses Boyd. Photo credit: Benjamin Amure

James Black of Chaos Theory writes: 

Chaos Theory is getting back to promoting jazz in London. The Jazz Market was at one time a monthly event, and we are hoping that it is going to return as a regular night. As a taster, Thursday September 11th will see a one-off Jazz Market event at Dalston’s Servant Jazz Quarters.

On a personal note, as Chaos Theory’s press assistant, I was first attracted to the organisation through a love of jazz. I simply wanted to make sure jazz was not going to be ossified in posh theatre bars and as Sunday lunch wallpaper music. Go back to the roots of jazz you realise it was music played in dirty bars, nightclubs and basement joints, the kinds of places that you find punk and rock bands playing in now.

After I got in touch with Kunal, the director of Chaos Theory, I recognised he is basically interested in widening audiences, and in helping musicians reach music lovers that they might not otherwise connect with. Jazz should never be about exclusivity. It should be about visceral energy, a fiery need to express the inexpressible, a place where the mind’s imagination and the body’s passions meet.

The two acts we have playing on September 11 are Parshmaune and Moses Boyd Exodus.

Parshmaune includes Zuri Jarrett-Boswell (piano), Tyrone Isaac-Stuart (alt sax), Reiss Ellis-Beckles (alt sax), Jack Polley (bass, SumoChief), Shirley Teteh (guitar), Timmy Montague (electronics), Pete Hill, Moses Boyd (drums, Soweto Kinch, Zara McFarlane).

If we had to pin Parshmaune down we would say they are an old school-minded jazz collective who make the music relevant for the modern audience. Blending hip hop sensibilities and latin-influenced time signatures,  have a sound rooted in the canon of jazz greats but which has its own identity and texture.

Moses Boyd’s Exodus are another collection of jazz craftsmen, who have a delicate and prog-influenced sound, with a a psychedelic flavour. Performing alongside Moses will be Oscar Laurence on guitar (SumoChief), Binker Golding on sax (Zara McFarlane), Theon Cross (Sons Of Kemet) on tuba.

 Servant Jazz Quarters on September 11. Doors 7 30 pm. £5 (online) or £6 on the door.

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