PREVIEW / PROFLE: Vít Křišťan (Spice of Life 18th September)

 Vít Křišťan
Pianist Vít Křišťan is from Pelhřimov in the Czech Republic. As part of the Czech/Polish group Inner Spaces, he won a Czech music award for the Best jazz & blues album of 2013. He will bring his trio to the Spice of Life on 18th September as part of the series Czech Jazz Nights at the Spice of Life. He writes:

Music is my life, my spiritual and creative realization. Coming from a country with very rich and beautiful history of art, my most recent project Imprints is largely influenced by these roots. It is also influenced by the experience I acquired in Poland and Denmark during my studies, as well as my visit to New York three years ago. While I have great respect for deep-rooted culture and traditions, I also like to cross set boundaries and explore a bit further at the same time.

I am proud to cooperate with two amazing musicians; Jaromír Honzák – a visionary legend of Czech double bass and composition, and Roman Vícha – a master of rhythm and spectacular drum sound.

At the Spice of Life, Soho, we will play compositions from the colorful palette that is our repertoire. I very much look forward to coming to play in London and meet fellow jazz fans at our concert on 18th September. I wish that through our music, we can reach a mutual understanding of what music and art represent, and be able to just let go of our everyday problems and simply sink into the tune.

Imprints – the title of our debut album –  stands for our impressions from places, people, situations and many other things that contribute to our daily lives and influence our future. We hope that the audience can travel with our music to places presented by this project; or will be able to think of a particular place or a moment that could have been otherwise already forgotten.


Czech Nights at the Spice of Life are supported by the Czech Centre

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