NEWS: Malcolm Edmonstone /@arrangerspiano’s Jazz Harmony course is online

Malcolm Edmonstone

Malcolm Edmonstone, the much-respected Professor of Harmony and Improvisation at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, is now making some of the lively harmonic wisdom normally reserved for the students who attend his class in Room 251 (it’s true!) in Silk St EC2 available to a wider audience. A nine-part harmony course has just gone online. The lessons are available – at a price – at rukuku.com The links below to the course descriptions may need a sign-up, which is free.


1 Chords and cadences
2 Chord tones and jazz vocabulary
3 Modes of the Major Scale system
4 Songbook Harmony Part 1
5 The Melodic Minor system
6 Symmetrical systems
7 Songbook Changes, part 2
8 Harmonic Minor Modes
9 Harmonic Major modes

Review of Donald Fagen’s Nightfly at GSMD (March 2011) 

Review of Messiah a Soulful Celebration (Dec 2011)
Malcolm Edmonstone’s website

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