RIP Brian Lemon (1937-2014)

Following earlier reports, it has now been confirmed that an indispensable, influential, and – for several decades and in so many contexts – a ubiquitous figure in British jazz, pianist Brian Lemon (biography), passed away at Bexhill at midday on Saturday, 11 Oct. As a result of the consequences of osteo-arthritis, he had been unable to play for the past decade, but the legacy of this adaptable, wonderfully musical player is massive. In sadness.

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  1. Oh that is so sad, I knew he had been ill but didn't know that he hadn't played for 10 years. I remember seeing him many times at the Great Harry in Warsash near Southampton. He always seemed to have a cigarette going while he played. It looked just a little bit dangerous. He was a wonderfully melodic improviser. Another fine player gone!


  2. Thank you to all the musicians and friends who attended Brian's funeral. Especial tributes from Digby Fairweather, Dave Green, Stan Bourke and Roy Williams brought tears to many eyes. His family and friends will remember him with love.


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