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  1. although I knew him only through occasional encounters at jazz festivals and concerts over the years, David Redfern was – as well as being a hugely talented and energetic photographer – an absolute gent, always interested and enthusiastic about the music, looking for the new rather than harping on about the old, and always welcoming and positive in his outlook, with a real joyful sense of amusement and fun…it was an honour to have spent time in his company

  2. I learnt alot from David by watching where he decided to shoot from at a concert – the sweet spots and soon we very politely working elbow to elbow.
    I was proud to be on the selection committee when David was chosen to receive the Milton Hilton Award for Excellence in Jazz Photography.
    We had great fun in New York (from what I can remember!) when he was presented with the award.

    I am so sad we have lost a truly inspirational photographer and jazz lover whose pictures have helped define an era in music.
    His superb picture of Jimi Hendrix at The Royal Albert Hall is one that opened my eyes to performance photography.
    One very special photographer – David Redfern.

  3. I was very sorry to hear that David had passed away.
    I first met him at The Nice Jazz Festival in the mid eighties.
    At the time I was a young, enthusiastic but naive jazz DJ and fan. Many of the older generation in the jazz world gave me, and my kind, short shrift. Not David. He was open, informative and fun. He seemed delighted that a new generation was getting in to the music he loved and enthusiastically shared his passion and knowledge.
    David was a regular at the London Jazz Festival Launch party I host each year at Ronnies. I was always so honoured that the great David Redfern was there with his camera. There will be a big gap this year.

    Jez Nelson

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