PODCAST INTERVIEW/ PREVIEW: Yaron Stavi on the Jarek Smietana Tribute (Cafe Posk W6, 15th Nov, EFG London Jazz Fest)

Interview with Yaron Stavi by LondonJazz

Bassist Yaron Stavi will be the host of a special concert in tribute to much-missed Polish guitarist Jarek Smietana (1951-2013), at Cafe Posk in Ravenscourt Park on Saturday November 15th as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

This is a very personal project for Yaron Stavi. In this podcast interview with Hayley Redmond, he explains what an important influence Jarek Smietana was, tells the story of his own friendship and musical collaboration with Smietana, starting in Nigel Kennedy’s  band.  He talks through the line-up and the programme for 15th November, which includes two important Polish musicians rarely heard in the UK, Adam Czerwiński, drums, and Wojtek Karolak, Hammond B-3 specialist and composer, as well as Smietana’s daughter, the fine violinist Alicja Smietana, and John Etheridge.


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