PREVIEW: Samuel Eagles Next Beginning Album Launch. (Pizza Express Jazz Club, 16th November, EFG LJF)

Samuel Eagles

Samuel Eagles writes about his debut album “Next Beginning,” which will have its launch at Pizza Express Jazz Club on Sunday 16th November, as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival:

Next Beginning is the title track to my debut album that is launching on F-IRE Presents in the EFG London Jazz Festival at Pizza Express Jazz Club on Sunday 16th November.

The compositions are all originals written by myself, based on life events so far. The album features Ralph Wyld on vibraphone, who was in Jazzwise magazine’s ‘who to look out for’ in 2012. Fergus Ireland on double bass can also be heard performing with some of London’s finest, including Jay Phelps and Nathaniel Facey, and Eric Ford on Drums who gained a fierce reputation for his role in Partikel trio.

I’ve been playing and touring for 10 years since I joined some music groups at school but this is the first time that experience has been brought together on my own compositions and band. My music has many influences but particularly from the Jazz tradition and modern North American music, and most of all American altoist Logan Richardson. I love the soundscape he creates with the use of the vibes, it reminds me of a vivid dream which is trying to tell me something important. This is what I am creating with my music, and Ralph definitely brings versatility and a different kind of edge to the quartet.

We are currently in the middle of our tour of England and Wales and very much looking forward to the album launch at Pizza Express!

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