PHOTOS: Jazz Migration Showcase at La Dynamo, Pantin,

Yuko Oshima (left), Eve Risser (right)
Donkey Monkey . Photo credit: Nigel Slee

Sebastian reports: 

Nigel Slee’s photos capture the three bands who had been selected to play for this year’s annual Jazz Migration showcase, on December 2nd 2014, organized by AJC (Association Jazzé Croisé) description/objectives), as part of its annual meeting at La Dynamo in Pantin in the Paris suburbs.

Most of the 60 promoters and festival directors who are members of the AJC were present at the meeting and showcase. Members of the organization recommend acts which they would like to bring to a wider public. The process then continues during meetings when promoters talk about their plans to bring forward new acts for the next two years. It is an impressive, collegiate, orderly, collaborative process, with the championing, or “parrainage” of new acts being done in a positive, unselfish spirit.

By common consent, the laurels on the night went to Donkey Monkey, the established duo of pianist Eve Risser and percussionist/ electronics Yuko Oshima (sound examples). They draw inspiration from sources as diverse as Ligeti and Carla Bley. Risser was the pianist of the Orchestre National de Jazz from 2008 to 2013, The pair have also done international projects, for example The Dors, working with Chris Sharkey and Christopher de Bezenac, a project under the banner – and with the support –  of the French-British collaboration Jazz Shuttle

Jérémie Piazza of Petite Vengeance. Photo credit: Nigel Slee

Jeanne Barbieri and Anil Eraslan of Auditive Connection . 
Photo credit: Nigel Slee

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