PODCAST INTERVIEW: Tom Green and Tom White Septets (2014 EFG @LondonJazzFest )

Interview with Tom Green and Tom White by LondonJazz, Tom Green, Tom White

The Spice of Life witnessed one of those “You’ll-Never-Believe-It- Actually- Happened” gigs, a double bill of septets each led by a trombonist called Tom, each with a surname representing a colour.

But happen it did. The Tom Green Septet and the Tom White Septet played the Spice of Life on 17th November 2014. And Hayley Redmond was there, to interviewed them both. In situ, on the night itself.

The photo of Tom Green above is by Ruth Butler.

LINK: Tom Green Skyline CD Review. The CD launch is at St James Studio on Jan 29th 2015

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