On Tubby Hayes’ 80th Birthday

The great British saxophonist and bandleader Tubby Hayes (1935-1973) would have been 80 today.

Simon Spillett is leading a celebration at Ronnie Scott’s this Sunday lunchtime with, as special guest the 79-year old Bobby Wellins. The show is sold out.

 A Man in a Hurry – a new documentary  – will be released shortly MORE HERE

Simon Spillett’s biography of Hayes, ‘The Long Shadow of the Little Giant: The Life, Work and Legacy of Tubby Hayes’ is due for release on 23rd March

– Vinyl specialists Gearbox have a number of releases by Hayes in their STORE

– Roger Farbey’s Remember Tubbs tribute site is a good source for updates

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  1. Tubby what great player and he was a great guy.I couldn't believe he asked me to play in his last band.Those clips from Ronnies Wow……


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