REPORT: Vula Viel at the Forge

Sebastian writes:

Last night was something special. The video here from last autumn does give a strong sense of what the incredibly lively band Vula Viel was four months ago, but on the evidence of an opening set heard at The Forge in Camden last night, the energy levels, the confidence, the commitment to the project, the band feel, the balance, the mix of energy and precision… have all moved on by leaps and bounds. Yes, leaps. Bex Burch, jumps up and down as if on springs, and yet musically everything is completely in place. It’s an utterly joyful sound.

The fascinating back-story is that Bex Burch is a classically-trained percussionist who has done what Steve Reich always wanted to do and never did, given two years to being an apprentice with the Dagaare tribe in Northern Ghana. Matthew Wright has chronicled that story HERE.

Their next dates are HERE, including a tour in April. And there will be a sneak preview track from the forthcoming album being played on World on 3 tonight on BBC Radio 3. Summer festival bookers, you’ve just found a great band to fill that very last slot.

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