INTERVIEW: Paul Booth – Debut CD by Richard Rozze , Learning to Fly

Paul Booth (left) with Richard Rozze
Saxophonist PAUL BOOTH’s Pathway Records label has just released the debut album by guitarist RICHARD ROZZE, “Learning to Fly”. In this email interview with Sebastian, he explains the background:  

LondonJazz News: Paul tell us about Richard Rozze and how you got to know him

Paul Booth: Richard Rozze and I met years ago while he was still at Sir Roger Manwood’s School in Sandwich, Kent. I’m local to the area and have been living in Ramsgate since the late nineties. I got asked to play at the school with a local band and various musicians got up to jam, including Richard. Even at that age he really stood out from all the others and I remember thinking to myself, I’ll be seeing this guy again. Sure enough after several years and I believe while he was still doing his degree at Canterbury Christchurch College University, he came along to the jazz club in Ramsgate that my parents and I have been running for years. From that moment on we became good friends and over the years have ended up playing in many musical settings.

LJN: Where did the idea of this album come from

PB: Richard asked if I’d like to play on his debut album, I naturally said yes and went one step further. After setting up my record label Pathway Records a few years ago I thought Richard’s music would be a very welcome addition to the catalogue, he agreed and here we are. He assembled a wonderful group including Malcolm Edmonstone, Andrew Bain and Dave Whitford. Richard composed most of the music for this album and I believe you can really hear his multi-genre influences throughout, embracing what is essential a jazz album and yet dipping into other worlds of rock and folk. There are two covers on the album, an achingly beautiful version of Wichita Lineman and the jazz standard Solar, played freely as a duet between Richard and myself.

LJN: Paul you’re the busiest guy in showbiz how/ why have you found the time?

PB: Haha, well I’ve been lucky enough to be particularly busy the last few years between my extensive work with Steve Winwood and a stint with the new show from the producers of Riverdance, Heartbeat Of Home. When I’m not touring with Steve I’m usually back in the UK gigging around the jazz scene with various artists, recording and running my own projects. In fact Richard plays two tracks on my forthcoming album Patchwork Project. I try to use my time constructively and find myself more and more wanting to only play music that I connect with, which brings me to answer your question, I connected with Richard’s music and we managed to make time to record the album.

LJN: You play every horn – which ones are to the fore here?

PB: On this album I’m playing my main instrument the tenor sax for the most part, and alto on one track.

LJN: Is it a one-off or are you already making other plans?

PB: I can’t speak for Richard but I’m certain it won’t be too long before there’s another release from him. He’s an artist with with much to offer as a player and composer and I’m very much looking forward to following his direction in the years to come.

LJN:  When are you launching and where will the CD be available ?

– The album is now available to purchase and download on multiple websites – here are the links to iTunes and Amazon.

– Learning to Fly was released on 23rd February and will be launched at the Ramsgate Music Hall, Turner Street, Ramsgate, Kent on April 11th.

LINKS: Pathway Records
Richard Rozze’s website has extracts from the album

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