INTERVIEW: Imelda May talks about Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf / #IWD2015

Interview with Imelda May #IWD2015 by Imelda May, LondonJazz

IMELDA MAY talks to Hayley Redmond about Women in Music and a centenary celebration of the lives of BILLIE HOLIDAY and EDITH PIAF.

For International Women’s Day 2015, Hayley Redmond met up with Irish singer songwriter IMELDA MAY to discuss her views about being a woman in the Twenty First Century, and to look back at the musical careers of two legendary female performers BILLIE HOLIDAY and EDITH PIAF, and see how they influenced her and many others throughout the World. This 30 minute podcast includes a selection of clips of music by all three women, as well as an in depth, heartfelt and revealing interview with Imelda May.

Produced and Presented by Hayley Redmond
@HayleyFudge  / E: hayley@hrpresents.co.uk

LINK: Imelda May’s website

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