PHOTOS: Lonnie Smith Trio at Unterfahrt Munich

Dr Lonnie Smith, Unterfahrt Munich
Photo credit: Ralf Dombrowski

Ralf Dombrowski with one of his ocasional reports from Munich:

The season here continues. On Saturday we got to hear a wonderful concert at Unterfahrt: the Lonnie Smith Trio with Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar) and Joe Dyson (dr). Incredibly laid-back, these three.

Jonathan Kreisberg, Unterfahrt Munich
Photo credit: Ralf Dombrowski

– Smith himself with a serene sensitivity for pared-down grooves and a Hammond sound which is at the same time old-fashioned and timeless

– Kreisberg: on the one hand restrained and collaborative, an expert in straightforward impassioned phrasing, and then when soloing in complete control of the intensity build, and perfectly attuned to his bandleader

– and then Dyson, one of that new breed of drummer with mad energy who can literally do anything, and whose control of dynamics gives a definitive shape to the whole.

The repertoire was assorted pop- jazz, from 50 Ways to Favorite Things, a concert, as you can well imagine, where the joint was cooking.

Lonnie Smith Trio, Unterfahrt Munich
Photo credit: Ralf Dombrowski

A word about this last photo. This thing – which Lonnie also plays – is his walking stick. It has a cable with a small pick-up attached to it, so it emits percussive noises and a chugging synth-like sound.

Attractive maverick, nice man, wonderful concert.

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