RIP Mike King of Reel Recordings

Mike King

We are very sad to hear of the death of Canadian Mike King whose label Reel Recordings did huge service to bringing the legacy of British jazz out into the open. The full story is in Sid Smith’s blog.

We first came across his fine work when we interviewed trombonist Nick Evans, for whom he brought out a double album of the band Dream Time. Mike King was over in the UK last year for the launch of the Robert Wyatt biography. This is a very sad loss indeed.

LINK: Article at All About Jazz

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  1. The link to the Reel Recordings site does not work, as I discovered quite a long time ago (the label has not been active since 2013).

  2. Thank you. I could have sworn it was working when I posted…

    I've replaced it with the most informative background I can. This is incredibly sad, Mike King has made an absolutely unique contribution to the cause of ensuring that some of the hidden gems of British jazz become visible.

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