FILM: Keep On Keepin’ On (Clark Terry and Justin Kauflin)

George Foster writes:

A documentary about Clark Terry‘s last years has just appeared on NETFLIX , on April 17th. Keep On Keepin’ On” (2014) is an 85-minute film about Clark Terry’s mentoring of Justin Kauflin a young blind pianist. Although the film ends several years before his death, Terry is obviously dying from the effects of diabetes. During the course of the film he loses his sight and has both legs amputated, but he still goes on teaching and mentoring.

Kauflin undergoes personal and musical disappointments but ends up at Montreux with Quincy Jones, who appears in and produced the film.

There are lots of interesting musical extracts and interviews, and it is well worth watching. I found it very moving and quite harrowing at times.

Keep On Keepin’ On at Netflix – needs subscription, but free trials are available, for which Terms and Conditions Apply
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