GREAT JOB: Run jazz in the North

The Great North Run
A completely new and key job in British jazz has just come on offer. Here’s the start of the spec:

“Jazz North is the Strategic Development Agency for jazz in the North of England. Aiming to enrich lives through improvisation, we work towards increasing the profile of contemporary jazz both in terms of providing opportunities for jazz musicians and increasing audience sizes in the North. Established only in 2012, the organisation was awarded National Portfolio status by the Arts Council of England in 2015 and is embarking on the next stage of its development.

At this exciting and challenging time, we have created a new position of Executive Director to provide strategic leadership and ensure robust delivery of Jazz North’s ambitious Business Plan, 2015 – 20.”

The contact is Lucy Woolley (Jazz North Co-ordinator) on 0300 800 1234 or email lucy (at) jazznorth (dot) org

Deadline for applications is Monday 25th May 2015 by 5pm. Get running.


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  1. Run Jazz in the North? Surely not – it runs itself pretty well at present. Loads of jazz and improvised music venues, good networks such as Norvoljazz, masses of bands and musicians, two conservatoires and 11 eleven jazz festivals at the last count. So what is the business plan? What will this person actually do? That salary alone could help 20 jazz clubs keep going!

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