PREVIEW: Cath Roberts and Dee Byrne: (Entropi ‘New Era’ album launch, Vortex, Sunday 7th June)

Dee Byrne and Cath Roberts of LUME Music
Photo credit: Tom Ward / madwort.co.uk

Cath Roberts and Dee Byrne write about the Entropi ‘New Era’ album launch at the Vortex on Sunday 7th June :

Since Summer last year, we have been running a ‘LUME Presents’ residency at the Vortex in Dalston as a spin-off from our regular Thursday night LUME gig in Hoxton. This Sunday, 7th June, is the final gig of our current season: a particularly exciting one for us as it’s not only the London date of our ‘LUME On Tour’ project, but also the album launch of ‘New Era’, Dee’s debut album with her band Entropi (out on F-IRE Presents).

‘New Era’ is a collection of Dee’s original compositions, exploring some of her favourite themes such as the cosmos, the insecure nature of existence, and all things space-related. The band features Andre Canniere (trumpet), Rebecca Nash (keyboards), Olie Brice (bass) and Matt Fisher (drums) alongside Dee on alto sax. For the album artwork, friend of LUME and awesome graphic artist Ricky Day has produced some suitably intergalactic images that really fit with the vibe of the music.

For ‘LUME On Tour’, we have really enjoyed playing at some great nights all around the UK with our two bands Entropi and Quadraceratops. Currently half way through the tour, so far we’ve played in Birmingham (Jazz At The Spotted Dog), Sheffield (Jazz At The Lescar), Leeds (Fusebox), Newcastle (Jazz North East) and Manchester (Freedom Principle). As well as taking our two bands and debut albums on the road, the idea of ‘LUME On Tour’ is for us as promoters to meet and exchange ideas with other grassroots promoters running similar nights. A kind of jazz reconnaissance mission! This Friday, 5th June, we’re heading off to Bristol (Bebop Club), then the Vortex on Sunday 7th June. After that is Derby (presented by Corey Mwamba) on 15th June and Cardiff (Jazz At Dempsey’s) on 16th June. With twelve musicians involved, we were only able to make this tour happen thanks to the support of Arts Council England. So far it’s been a total blast!

We can’t wait for the Vortex gig, as it will be brilliant to celebrate the release of Entropi’s album as well as bringing our touring double bill back to London. Tickets are available in advance from the Vortex website, as well as on the door.

LINKS: http://www.vortexjazz.co.uk

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