INTERVIEW: Emily Saunders (The Latin Mix St James Studio, 30th July)

We did a major interview about Emily Saunders about here current “Outsiders Insiders” album back in March (LINK). In advance of her show at St James Studio on July 30th with Omar Puente, Sebastian asked her to tell us more about that…

LJN: What are you planning for July 30th at St James Studio?

Emily Saunders: It’s going to be a packed evening of lively Cuban and Brazilian music with a London twist. Omar Puente is invited as special guest along with my regular band of equally outstanding musicians – I love working with them. The evening is called The Latin Mix – it’s part of my Mix Production events series.

LJN:  Omar is a gem….. 

ES: I totally agree – Omar Puente is a wonderful musician, both virtuosic in his violin technique as well as a great musician and composer. On July 30th he’s specially featured playing his tunes with my band ESB, with amazing Byron Wallen dropping in on trumpet too!

Yes I’m also featuring my tunes, and with a lively Latin set – I’m really looking forward to the evening – fun will be had by all (smile).

LJN: You’re releasing a single this Friday July 17th, what’s the background?

ES: I decided that sometimes it’s nice to have a couple of versions of a tune. Residing is essentially the same tune as on the album, but I’ve reduced it down to a shorter version that is more about the song than the improv – with a bit of improv still in it. Yes I’ve always loved improv in jazz, and I also love just the essence of song. Song writing is a very important part of me – I’ve written songs since I was a little kid. I love to write about what I see around me – it’s my way of reflecting.

LJN: And there’s a B-Side too? 

ES: I’ve also put Summer Days on the single. It’s the same version as on the album, but it’s such a lovely summer song and we’re striding towards a heatwave so I thought it’s apt to include it.

Yes both Residing and Summer Days are on Amazon and iTunes, however the label have created a special edition design single release. There’s only 3 copies – very exclusive. 2 have been given away in prizes and 1 will be sold for charity before the gig July 30th – it’s all very exciting.

LINK: BOOKINGS FOR The Latin Mix on JULY 30 at St James Studio

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