NEWS: Eberhard Weber Jubilee Concert including Metheny premiere to appear on CD

Pat Metheny. Theaterhaus Stuttgart January 2015
Photo Credit Ralf Dombrowski. All Rights Reserved

Sebastian writes:

It is confirmed that a single ECM disc, “Hommage à Eberhard Weber”, a recording of part of the 75th birthday jubilee tribute concert to the Grman bassist,, which was held in Stuttgart in January, will be coming out on CD, with a release date in September. Weber has not been able to play the bass since suffering a stroke in 2007. (Source Universal Germany – in German*)

The concert had Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Jan Garbarek and Paul McCandless as guest soloists. Mike Gibbs directed the SWR Big Band for part of the programme. Ralph Towner was billed to appear but was indisposed. The main work was a premiere by Pat Metheny.

(*) The Jazz Echo story maintains that Metheny does not appear on the new record which is factually incorrect.

For further background see my/our extensive coverage at the time of the concert:

LINKS: Interview with Martin Mühleis, who produced the concert
My 5* review of the concert for the Telegraph
Ralf Dombrowski’s photo-essay

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