FEATURE: Elliot Galvin looks forward to 15-date trio tour (2- 18 Sept)

 The Elliot Galvin Trio (video of “Cozy” above by Alex Morley) has a fourteen-date September tour of the UK. Pianist Elliot Galvin, regular bassist Tom McCredie and drummer Simon Roth were all on the debut album “Dreamland” (Chaos, 2015). He writes:

For our tour starting 2nd September we will be bringing the music from our debut album Dreamland, along with some new material, to venues all around the country. We have a whole new album’s worth of material that we plan to record in Berlin in early December, using the funds we received from winning the 2014 European Young Jazz Musicians of The Year Award in Burghausen.

As a band we are constantly trying to develop our sound and often searching beyond our comfort zone. One new piece features a microtonal melodica that I built out of two melodicas, keeping one in it’s original tuning and opening the other one up to file down all the metal reeds inside – detuning each by a microtone. This was a great way for me to achieve that sound without using technology.

We also have a new arrangement of Mac the Knife. I’ve always wanted to do an arrangement of Mac the Knife, because for me it’s a really misunderstood piece of music. By 1931, when Brecht added the extra final pay-off verse about the peope in the dark, the intention that the song could stand as a metaphor for the rise of Hitler, who had hated the 1928 Threepenny Opera, was evident –  and yet somehow it has become a pastiche crooner classic. I really wanted to do a version of the piece that kept the bite and dark wit of the original, something I’ve always admired in Kurt Weill’s music.

Some of the rest of the new material comes from our 2014 London Jazz Festival commission, and there is also Cozy, another one of our new tunes which came out of the multimedia installation we did at The Turner Contemporary in Margate last year. The viideo above was made for that installation:

 In our tour we will be playing at:

02 Sept – The lescar, Sheffield
03 Sept – Coffee Coasts, Birmingham
04 Sept – The Verdict, Brighton
06 Sept – The Lighthouse, Deal
07 Sept – Pizza Express, Maidstone
08 Sept – Dempsey’s, Cardiff
09 Sept – The Vortex, London
10 Sept – Hidden Rooms, Cambridge
11 Sept – Colston hall Foyer, Bristol
12 Sept – Zeffirelli’s, Ambleside
13 Sept – Seven Arts, Leeds
15 Sept – Edinburgh House Concert, Edinburgh (contact trio for details)
16 Sept – The Butterfly and Pig, Glasgow
17 Sept – The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen
18 Sept – Literary and Philoso­­phical Society, Newcastle ­

­ The Elliot Galvin Trio UK tour has received support from The PRS for Music Foundation.

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