NEWS: Malcolm Edmonstone becomes Acting Head of Jazz at Guildhall School

Jazz pianist, arranger and educator Malcolm Edmonstone, aged 35, and originally from Perth in Scotland, has been appointed Acting Head of Jazz at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Laurie Holloway, who knows him well, and who gave him a job in the Strictly Come Dancing band more than ten years ago, describes him well and captures his character in this comment to us on the appointment:

“Malcolm Edmonstone is a star! He is a fantastic jazz piano player. So inventive. But not only that talent. He is a brilliant teacher. But not only that talent. He is a very good arranger. But not only that talent. He is a good bloke. He was my keyboard player in my “Strictly” television band. Someone I could always rely on to help me out in times of need and stress. He is a good friend and I am proud of him.”

Malcolm’s full biography is on his website HERE.  We have covered two remarkable events which he led in 2011, performances of  re-creations of the albums Nightfly by Donald Fagen in, and  Messiah – A Soulful Celebration. He has also been active  in creating an extensive archive of online jazz harmony teaching materials.

There has not been a specific  announcement of this appointment, but but it is listed on the conservatoire’s website HERE.  As regards the faculty and the student experience, it looks more like an internal reorganization with a strong desire both for continuity, and to build on the department’s impressive track record, since previous head Martin Hathaway remains as an active member of the senior teaching staff.

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  1. Richard Michael writes:

    Excellent news and here's why…………….

    Twenty odd years ago I was Malcolm's jazz piano teacher. One lesson he was very despondent. “What's up” I said. “They won't let me play jazz on the grand piano in school”

    “Never mind son”, I recall saying “There will come a day”….. and now that day is here!

    Well done Malcolm. It's so good when as a teacher you see young folk fulfilling the potential you saw in them.

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