NEWS: 2015 MOBO Awards nominees announced

Binker and Moses at Jazz in the Round this week

The five nominees for the jazz cattegory of the MOBO Awards are announced. The awards are celebrating 20 years this year. The winners will be announced at an event at the First Direct Arena, Leeds, on 4th November which will be broadcast live on ITV2.


Binker And Moses
Julia Biel
Courtney Pine
David Lyttle
Polar Bear

Kwabs is also nominated in the Best RnB / Soul Act category

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  1. How I'd love to hear Binker & Moses but at nearly £30 for a just over 30 minute LP I don't think I will. Such a shame that new music is kept from a wider audience by the exclusivity of such “vinyl fetishism” or plain consumer exploitation

  2. Dear Anonymous…..many people enjoy and are prepared to pay for higher quality and audiophile vinyl recordings and pressings because they really appreciate the difference. To put it simply, if they didn't – they wouldn't! But for those who would rather stream or buy 'Dem Ones' as a download, they have the choice do that too via Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes, Amazon or whichever service they choose.

  3. Thanks for putting the record label point of view, Adam. I know Gearbox is vinyl only and tends to work on short run, high quality product. I'm a big vinyl fan but I still think that the price point for Dem Ones is likely to deter some listeners.who don't download/stream. I just think that such new music and musicians are worthy of the widest audience and a CD release would have proven a way to do that just as similar artists like Empirical and Shabaka Hutchings have done on Naim or Babel (with whom I have absolutely no connection). Obviously Binker & Moses are perfectly able to make their own market decisions and I wish them luck with this release and the added exposure the MOBO will hopefully bring

  4. You can tell them that 'a Jazz fan' wishes them well and that I've just bought their LP at a price £5 less than Gearbox's own from a very reputable West London retailer. Which makes me wonder about the mark up 🙂

  5. I'll do that. But you should understand that we do not want to compete with our dealers who buy our records directly from us. That's why we allow them to beat us on retail price.

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