NEWS: Jacob Collier outlines plans for summer 2016 album

A solo show by Jacob Collier (centre) was the opening act at Montreux
this summer before the duo of Chick Corea (left) and Herbie Hancock (right)

Jacob Collier has just been interviewed by Tina Edwards for her Jazz Standard radio show. In the key section, he outlined his plans for an album next year. He said :

“The album in fact is not with Universal. We’re figuring it out, but basically I’m doing every single thing myself. So I don’t think I’m going to sign with a major label at all. I’m self-producing, I’m self-writing and I’m doing everything in this room myself which is so exciting. I think mainly it is going to be original stuff, and then some new covers. Nothing on Youtube so it’s all fresh and new. And I’m hoping to release that next summer. That’s the plan.”

 The full radio show is HERE, and the Jacob Collier interview section starts at [19:49]

LINK: Jacob Collier’s website

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