FREE DOWNLOAD REVIEW: Claudio Ottaviano – Aurora

Claudio Ottaviano – Aurora 
(Free digital download. Review by Eric Ford)

 Anyone familiar with Charlie Haden’s 2001 CD Nocturne (which won a Grammy for the best Latin jazz CD of 2002) and subsequent romantic, melodic, ballad-heavy albums will recognise the template for this second album from Sicily-born, Milan-based 30-year old bassist Claudio Ottaviano, recorded in Biella in July 2014.

Only Cretinetti somewhat awkwardly breaks the spell – as you might expect cretins to do. Other than that, there’s much beauty to enjoy in the compositions and the (mostly) tender soloing of tenor and soprano saxophonist Tino Tracanna and, especially, pianist Antonio Zambrini. Ottaviano – like Haden -lets others take the spotlight but his and drummer Roberto Paglieri‘s support of the soloists is supple and tasteful.

Anyone seeking searing excitement should look elsewhere, but if you’re a fan of the aforementioned Haden CDs and are seeking more music in that vein, this free digital download should bring pleasure.

Claudio Ottaviano website

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