NEWS: Eberhard Weber – The Great Jubilee Concert to be released on DVD in early 2016

Pat Metheny (foreground) with Eberhard Weber
(background, on video). Theaterhaus Stuttgart Jan 2015
Photo credit: Ralf Dombrowski. All Rights Reserved

It is confirmed that “Eberhard Weber- The Great Jubilee Concert” will be released on DVD early in 2016. It will be released on the label SWR2 Music/Naxos.

The main work in the concert, given on two nights in January 2015 was the premiere of a new work by Pat Metheny, with Eberhard Weber on synced, back-projected video, Other guests included Gary Burton, Jan Garbarek, Mike Gibbs, Scott Colley, Paul McCandless and Danny Gottlieb , , The release date in Germany will be 29th January and Naxos international distributors are expected to release it during the course of February. The ECM disc of the concert, Hommage à Eberhard Weber is already out.

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