REPORT: Back to Crazy Coqs

Jon Regen and Lydia Baylis

Sebastian writes:

It is quite a few months since I was last at Crazy Coqs. It was great to be back, and to be reminded what a lovely intimate room it is. Sitting on the soft benches at the back, taking in those shades of red and black and white – is there a vusually more attractive place in our city to listen to music?  The staff are so friendly, it always feels like coming back home.

 I first wrote about the room in July 2012, and new little touches keep getting added. The professionalism of the well-trained staff and the care taken just shine through. (Incidentally, the room when not hired out is used as a staff training venue in the daytime).  The sound and the lighting – a challenge in a room with a listing and a preservation order – are now superb, there is a new-ish snacks menu, popcorn is served with drinks, and a Crazy Coqs logo  – in metal, I’m told, careful not to bump your head on it –  is behind the performers.

Poster from late 1920’s for the Bataclan
Affiches Léon Heymann, at Brasserie Zedel

I had never spotted the poster – probably from the late 1920’s – for a revue at the Bataclan in Paris which is by the lifts at the upper level, which these days can only bring back chilling memories of the unfolding horror November 13th last year, and of the fleeting fragility of the experience of hearing live music in great surroundings,

Jon Regen – with backing vocalist Lydia Baylis stepping up for a couple of numbers – was mostly singing songs from his recent album Stop Time, but he got his loudest applause last night for a rousing version of the 1981 Doc Pomus/  Dr John song There Must Be a Better World Somewhere. He also told an amusing story of a wilful mis-construing of his lyrics  by the late Jack Massarik (the review is no longer available) who heard “Hold on to Your Dreams” as “Hold on to Your Jeans.” Dear old Jack.

A stand-out gig is late this Saturday night by the Rob Barron Trio. Jon Regen is in residence with 8pm shows till Saturday

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